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Office Hours

Client Portal Login

Click the button below to log into your Client Portal. Starting March 2024, I have switched over to Moxie for my software. Invoices will be sent and paid through Moxie. If you need help with the Portal, please let me know.

I can also be reached by phone or text at:
603-803-3453 or 978-728-9979
or by email at or

Slack Messaging

I use Slack for direct messaging. Each client will have their own private channel for communication, as well as access to the #annoucements & #general channels. Join with the invite link that I will send to your email address. My Slack Workspace is located at

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a telephone or video meeting with me. Meetings are 30 or 60 minutes, via telephone or video* meeting.
You can schedule through your Client Portal or choose one of the links below.
* I use Zoom for 30 minute video meetings & Google Meet for video meetings over 40 minutes.

Meetings will be charged at the current agreed hourly rate, and will be deducted from pre-paid time packages at the rate set for that package.

If you would like to have a weekly or monthly regularly scheduled meeting, let me know and we can get a recurring schedule set up.

Choose one of the options below to schedule a meeting: